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New York Times Summer Reading Contest

Middle and high school students are invited to express what they’re reading in The Times and why.

Who's eligible

Any teenager anywhere in the world is invited to join us, if you are in middle or high school, or if you graduated from high school in 2021 and haven’t started college yet. 


1500 characters or fewer. You must provide the complete URL or headline of the article you choose. 

Submission Deadline

 June 10 - Aug 19, 2022

The Prize

 The prize for winning any of our contests is having your work published on The Learning Network.

Competition Detial

  • Introduction: Since 2010, the New York Times has held a summer reading competition for middle school students from all over the world every summer. So far, more than 50,000 middle school students have participated. The New York Times Summer Reading Contest invites students to choose something in The Times that has sparked their interest. At the end of every week, judges from the Times newsroom pick their favorite responses, and the winner’s work will be published in NY Times. Responses must be 1,500 characters or fewer.
  • Competition Schedule: Before the end of the competition (August), participants can choose any article, essay, video, interaction, podcast, or photo published in the New York Times in 2021 to analyze, write about, and submit the competition. Every Friday from early June, NY Times will post a fresh version of this question: “What got your attention in The Times this week?” for students to respond accordingly until the following Friday. 
  • Competition Website: New York Times Summer Reading Contest

Teaching Methods

Personalized Curriculum
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