Youth NFT

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  • Instructor: Geoffrey 
  • Requirement: Grade 7+
  • Session: 10
  • Schedule: 1 class / day, 5 days
  • Tuition can be fully refunded before the second class. After that, no refund. 
  • 2022 Summer Time:
    July 27th-31st  (Wed-Sun)
    7:00-8:30PM EDT
    4:00-5:30PM PDT
    Student will have 15mins break

Course overview

NFTs, a new technology derived from the blockchain, have almost a billion market cap. Many are skeptical, why not learn from an expert and hopefully join this opportunity? This course will provide background information explaining how NFTS operate, its technology, and real-life integrations. Skillsets taught include how to maneuver the NFT space with multiple types of flipping strategies - “life experience”, how to create your own successful project, and experience different jobs from their point of view (Guest Speakers). 

The First Program Of Its Kind

A Guide to Understanding the Basics of Crypto and the Mindset of a Successful Investor

  • Learn about a new form of currency
  • Learn about DeFi Strategy
  • Learn about NFTs
  • Learn about decentralized finance
  • Crypto trading platforms

Course Lessons