Youth Investment Portfolio Management (Level 3) 

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  • Instructor: Raymond Mathis
  • Requirement: Grade 8 and above who completed "Youth Stock Fundamental Analysis (Level 2)"
  • Session 1: Jan 24th - Apr 4th, Mon 8:00-9:00PM(EDT), Schedule: 1 class / Week, 10 weeks
    Session 2: Apr 21st - Jun 23rd, Thur 8:00-9:00PM(EDT), Schedule: 1 class / Week, 10 weeks
    Session 3: Jul 11th - Jul 22nd, Mon-Fri 8:00-9:00PM(EDT) Schedule: 1 class / Day, 10 Days
  • Each Class will be 1 Hours
  • Tuition can be fully refunded before the second class. After that, no refund.
Course overview
• This course will employ the fundamental and technical investment analysis techniques learned in the prior classes to build a portfolio in conjunction with a team. Quantitative methods such as portfolio optimization and risk management techniques are introduced. In addition to introducing techniques which can be used in personal portfolio management, this class will inspire students to consider majoring in finance in college, and to potentially pursue a career in the financial industry. Also, students are expected to be well prepared for any global high school investment competition after taking this class.
• Each student will join a team which will have an opportunity to run a portfolio a licensed high-quality trading simulator “StockTrak”. A class-wide investment competition will select the winning teams.


Frank took Principal/MD Ancilla Capital Advisors of Alternative Investment and the CEO of Atrata Inc. He built the next generation leaders of the free world, ppl of strong moral and social character. Proprietary network. Frank worked as Providence Equity Partners, Head of quant analytics Morgan Stanley Real estate and PE Credit Suisse Alternative Investments, DLJMB/IP
Frank holds an MBA degree from Wharton School, MSE Engineering U-Wisconsin/U Mich.

                Learning Outcomes

  • Client Analysis 
  • Financial modeling and forecasting

  • Industry analysis & equity research
  • Portfolio management techniques
  • Risk management
  • Investment Strategies