Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

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Course overview
This ten-day course is a hands-on and team- and project-based learning program designed to help students apply the Stanford Design Way and Entrepreneurship Mindset to create innovative solutions for everyday challenges and business and action plans to for their implementation.

Students will develop and strengthen their creative potential and learn the core techniques of design thinking while having fun working in teams on real-world issues in real-world ways. Pioneered at Stanford University, the Design Thinking method is a collaborative and creative problem-solving process that puts human needs at the center (Human-Centered Design). Design Thinking is one of the critical 21st-century learning skills and mindsets that every student needs today to excel.

Through short presentations, collaboration with teammates, and instructor coaching, students will explore the design thinking process in a real-world project, working in a diverse team to solve a real-world challenge. Fundamental principles of design thinking include being human-centered, prototype-driven, collaborative, and mindful of the process. Topics include need finding, human factors, visualization, rapid prototyping, team dynamics, and storytelling and storyboarding, to mention just a few. Student teams will also develop a business and action plan for their concept prototype solution. A final business pitch will give student teams an opportunity to present their solution and business plan to an invited panel.

This course is an invitation to participating students to rediscover their creativity and experiment with the design process joyfully and openly. It will be an opportunity for students to enhance their skills and empower themselves to create innovative solutions that are meaningful and make a difference to their communities. It will energize students to tackle challenges differently and provide them with a unique opportunity to experience how Design Thinking and entrepreneurial thinking can add a new perspective to their studies and life.
  • Instructor: Reinhold Steinbeck
  • Schedule: Fri,  Sep 17th - Nov 19th
  • Time: 8:30pm - 10:30pm (EDT)  / 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm (PDT)
  • Requirements: Grade 8 - 12, class taught with English.


Reinhold Steinbeck

Managing Director, IntoActions

Instructor, Continuing Studies Program, Stanford University

Reinhold Steinbeck has worked over 20 years as a program director, researcher, and instructor in innovation and educational technologies. At Apple Inc., Reinhold worked with Apple’s Advanced Technology Group under Don Norman, one of the developers of user-centered design. Reinhold was associate director of learning experience (LX) design with the Learning Lab and founding director of the International Outreach Program. Throughout his tenure , Reinhold has been working closely with Professor Larry Leifer, a global pioneer and one of the most influential experts of design thinking. In addition, Reinhold has taught design thinking and directed research studies in innovation at universities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Switzerland. He currently leads the Stanford Continuing Studies Program DSN 310 W “Building Innovative Teams.”

About IntoActions
IntoActions (, based in San Francisco, is a global innovation and learning design firm that helps organizations in education, business, government, and the social sector build strategic innovation capacity through human-centered design. IntoActions’ approach is strongly influenced by the innovation methodologies developed at Stanford University, emphasizing team- and project-based learning, coaching, and co-creation.

                Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the process for design thinking as taught at Stanford University
  • Use design thinking tools and techniques to develop innovative solutions to a wide range of complex challenges in education and professional contexts
  • Advance their creative confidence and competence
  • Improve their teamwork and communication skills
  • Create a solution to a real-world challenge
  • Apply entrepreneurial tools and mindsets to create a compelling business and action plan
  • Pitch their solution and business and action plan to an invited panel of experts