Youth Crypto

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  • Instructor: Oliver
  • Requirement: Grade 3-8, class taught in English
  • Session: 10
  • Schedule: 1 class / Week, 10 weeks
  • Tuition can be fully refunded before the second class. After that, no refund. 
  • 2022 Summer Time:
    August 8th - 19th (Monday-Friday)
    4:30-5:15PM EST
    1:30-2:15PM EST

Course overview

In this class, we will provide an introduction to a new form of currency,
called Cryptocurrency is as well as some of the well-known coins such as
Bitcoin, Luna, and Shiba Inu. We will also be discussing broader concepts
of the digital world, such as Blockchain, Defi, and Web 3, and how these
broad concepts are related to crypto.

The First Program Of Its Kind

A Guide to Understanding the Basics of Crypto and the Mindset of a Successful Investor

  • Learn about a new form of currency
  • Learn about DeFi Strategy
  • Learn about NFTs
  • Learn about decentralized finance
  • Crypto trading platforms


Rising sophomore at New York University. Plans to major in Economics.
When to Lexington High School.
Born and raised in Boston.

Course Lessons