Young Investor Bootcamp

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  • Instructor: Li Tang
  • Level: Advanced
  • Schedule: Every Saturday, January 30th - May 1st
  • Time: 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm (EST) 
Course overview

This course is designed to introduce students to the equity investing concepts and disciplines in managing institutional equity portfolios. Benefiting from the instructor’s background as a successful professional investor, the course is to a great extent an introduction of elements that make good equity investment decisions.

Li Tang

Li is a portfolio manager and partner at Radnorwood Capital, managing a long-only fund in the technology sector. Since 2017, Li has been the board chairman of 2Fuel Technologies, a software startup providing a fuel management system to displace diesel with cleaner and cheaper alternative fuel. Before joining Radnorwood in 2013, Li was a technology sector portfolio manager at Mazama Capital. Prior to that, he was a sell-side analyst with Pacific Crest Securities covering Greater China semiconductor and telecom sectors. Before his investment career, Li had various finance and engineering positions with Intel, John Deere, and Trak Communication. Li earned an MBA from UCLA, an MSEE from New Jersey Institute of Technology, a BS from Beijing Institute of Technology. He has been a CFA Charter holder since 2005.

汤立现任Radnorwood Capital基⾦经理,2Fuel 科技公司董事会主席。拥有超过10年华尔街管理共同基⾦和对冲基⾦经验。汤立专注科技和新能源板块,并对公司财务,资本融资和公司战略布局有独特眼光。

                Learning Outcomes

  • A sound intellectual framework to think about stock picking, investment horizon, business cycles, sectors of the economy as well as the dispersion in stock performances.
  • A wide range of stock analysis tools, investment methodologies, risk management and shorting, as well as valuation methodologies including Professor Li’s own proprietary models
  • A weekly investment review talk on each Sunday night New York time 9PM
  • Each student will have an opportunity to run a portfolio and trading simulation on a licensed high-quality simulator “StockTrack”.
  • A class wide investment competition will select the winners.
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