Kid Python 101

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  • Instructor: Gavin
  • Requirement: Grade 3-6, class taught in English
  • Session: 10

Course overview

In today’s world, the ability to code continues to grow in importance. Coding is no longer the sole domain of computer scientists and programmers, but rather a useful skill to have in any career.
Kids with an eye to their future know that learning to code is important, but figuring out which one to learn can be an intimidating task. Some languages are easier to learn, while others have a wider application. But one language sits right in the sweet spot.
With a balance of being both easy to learn and widely used in the real world, we suggest learning Python for kids.
Learning Outcome

Why Learn Python Programming?

It's never too early to learn a programming language!

  • Topics learned in this class can be applicable to other coding languages you may learn in the future
  •  Get some sort of feel for computer science
  •  Know how the Python syntax works


It's never too early to learn a programming language!
Learned basics of Python and Java at the University of Rochester
Became a computer science major
Went to Brooklyn Technical High School

Course Lessons