Writing Contest Bootcamp

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  • Instructor:  Mr. Pape
  • Student Age:  Students aged 11-19 worldwide
  • Schedule
    Group Class: Mar 12th, Sat7:30-10:30pm (EDT) 
    1 on 1 Class will schedule with Mr. Pape.
  • Sections: 4 (Total 6 hours)
    3 hours Group Class(Mar 12th)
    3 times One on One Class, each class 1 hour 


1. Taught by tutors from well-known liberal arts colleges in the United States, with 27 years of teaching experience, rich experience in winning and leading competitions.
2. Exclusive development of core courseware.
3. 3 one-on-one revision discussions, from brainstorming to final submission, with full tracking.
4. Highly customized, providing preparation materials and guidance based on students’ interests and abilities.
Only 15 students are admitted, places are limited.
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Mr. Pape

Mr. Pape recently retired from a Liberal Arts college where he taught, coached and won the Pi Kappa Delta national debate championship in four of the last five years.  
As a former NSDA executive and expert, Mr. Pape has conducted writing, speech, debate and communication workshops for K12 and college students for over 25 years.  
He is the curriculum coordinator for the Harvard Debate Summer Workshops in public speaking and debate. Some of the students coached by him have won top national awards in the US and China.

Course details

Group Lesson
One on One Session
March 12th
7:30PM - 10:30 PM EDT/ 4:30PM- 7:30PM PDT
8:30AM - 11:30 AM Beijing Time

What you gonna learn in the group lesson

Introduction to Essay Structure & Outline 

Well begun is half done - Introduction  

Make your opinion—Argument  

How to Develop any Point? 

Research, Synthesize and Evaluate

How to cite and incorporate textual evidence? 

one on one Class will schedule with Mr. Pape.

Competition Materials

For the competitions registered by students, the competition introduction and detailed rules are explained, and relevant learning resources are supplemented, including the official database of the competition, previous model essays, competition experience, etc.

Brainstorm (First One on One)

Students will have a brainstorm with the instructor to confirm the topic and framework of the article and customize the competition strategy and time plan according to the students' own abilities and needs.

Article revision (2 & 3 One on One)

Students complete the first draft based on the brainstorming results, and the teacher makes the first revision and adjusts the article according to the requirements of the competition. The teacher will explain and discuss the revision of the article to the participating students.

After the students complete the second draft according to the teacher's revision opinions, the teacher will make a second correction and discuss the revision opinions with the students. The second revision will focus on polishing the details, improving grammar, vocabulary, sentence patterns, etc., and improving the quality of the article.

(Some competitions may require multiple revisions, which will be determined according to the specific competition content. Additional fees will be charged for the excess.)


Students must complete the final draft before the deadline and submit the article through the official channels of the competition. The New York Times Editorial Writing Contest is suitable for students who are interested in social hot topics and have a passion for improving their writing skills. If you want to participate in this year's competition, please contact us.