Venture Capital Bootcamp

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  • Instructor: Jerry Wang, Gloria Zhang
  • Target Students : Young Professionals in Finance, Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors
  • Schedule: Every Saturday, Oct 9th - Nov 13th
  • Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm (EDT)
                  4:00pm - 5:30pm (PDT)
  • Tuition can be fully refunded before the second class. After that, no refund. 
Course overview
The course covers the full life cycle of a Venture Capital Fund, including fundraising, investment, portfolio and exit management. Led by Haitou Global VC team, the course will provide a real deal experience for students to accumulate practical experiences in deal sourcing, due diligence, valuation, Termsheet and Inv memo drafting.


Jerry Wang is the Founder and CEO of Haitou Global, and the Managing Partner of Haitou Emerging Tech Fund. Emerging Tech Fund is an early-stage venture fund actively managed by Haitou Global. With the investment philosophy of “Disruptive Innovation”, the Fund actively invests in and incubates innovative early stage companies in emerging industries such as fintech, consumer-tech, health-tech and clean-tech in China, the United States and emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Jerry Wang holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Tsinghua University, a master’s degree in Engineering and a MBA degree from University of Notre Dame. He also holds CFA and CAIA certificates. 
Zhang Yici (Gloria) is an investment Manager in the New York office of the Haitou Global Emerging Technology Fund, mainly responsible for investments in the United States and Latin America.
Zhang Yici served as the venture capital manager of Accathon Capital in New York, responsible for venture capital and accelerator project management, and was responsible for strategic consulting project management at the Great Wall Enterprise Strategy Institute. Zhang Yici graduated from Tianjin University of Business and Commerce with a bachelor's degree in accounting, a master's degree in accounting and finance from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom and a master's degree in finance from Baruch College in New York.

                Learning Outcomes

  • Have fully understanding of the life cycle in Venture Capital
  • Know how to conduct deal sourcing, deals evaluation and due diligence
  • Understand the basics of Termsheet and know how to write Inv Memo
  • Looking to break into VC/PE
  • Gain high-quality investment experience
  • Launch their own funds or advance their careers