Teen CEO Mastermind Club
(Session 1)

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Course overview
Being a teenager is one of the most curious, creative and energetic stages of one's life. Instead of wasting most precious growth time on video games every day, teenagers could be empowered to create something more interesting and meaningful for their lives. Why wait till you are much older, may borrow a lot of money to take MBA program and lose all the golden time and advantage of learning and starting up early? More and more teenagers and youths have started to explore their passions and step into entrepreneurship and leadership. Some of them have made impressive results!
TeenCEO Mastermind Club programs help teenagers discover more about themselves, including their life purpose, passions, creativity, gifts and inner strength, and empower them to explore entrepreneurship, mastermind and leadership that are critical for their long-term success in both life and career. Through the course journey, teenagers will have fun and adventures with their peers, learn how to make money using their ideas, skills and resources, and create some early entrepreneurship that could inspire and empower them for the rest of their lives.
  • Instructor: Spring Zheng
  • Schedule: Saturday, Mar 6th - Apr 10th
  • Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm (EST) 
  • Grade 5 above, class taught in English
  • Tuition can be fully refunded before the second class. After that, no refund.

Spring Zheng

Abundance Thought Leadership Coach Spring Zheng, is a best selling author of Abundance Train, and an award-winning transformational speaker.

Spring is called to work with visionary entrepreneurs and life changers like coaches, authors, speakers and consultants who are driven by their purposes and passions. She loves empowering them to step up and stand out as confident experts and thought leaders in their niche with their unique gifts, so that they can create abundant businesses and lifestyles, and also positively impact more lives.

As the Founder of Spring Magic Life Society, Inc., Spring leads and inspires a fast growing community of abundant entrepreneurs. Whether she is working one on one with clients or in intimate live or virtual groups, one thing is certain. She will help you uplift and clarify your vision, claim your purposeful and profitable niche, stand up with your magnetic expert presence, and build an abundant leadership with confidence that attract your ideal clients like magic. Spring is on a mission to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into prosperity and transform more lives by creating abundance for all worldwide.

Spring holds an Executive MBA from Rutgers University and Professional Coaching Certificate from New York University. She has more than 24 years professional experience including performance management with Fortune 100 company and 12 years of abundance coaching.

                Learning Outcomes

  • Learn How to Introduce and Express self, and have Effective Communications
  • Learn How to Discover Purpose and Passions
  • Generate Creative Ideas
  • Do Targeted Research, Brainstorm, and Clarify Ideal Business Niche
  • Create a Business Plan with SMART Goals and Action Plan
  • Define and Design Business Branding
  • Develop Product, Service and Irresistible Offer
  • Learn How to Launch a New Business
  • Learn How to Recruit the First Customer
  • Learn How to Deliver your Product and Service and Get Customer’s Satisfaction
  • Explore different Social Medias and Marketing Platforms
  • Claim a Movement to Lead that is aligned with Passion and Niche
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