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  • Instructor: Jaimie Rush
  • Requirement: Grade 3-6, class taught in English
  • Session: 10
  • Schedule: 1 class / Week, 10 weeks
  • Tuition can be fully refunded before the second class. After that, no refund. 
  • 2022 Summer Time: 
    July 11th - 22nd (Monday-Friday)
    5:00-6:00PM EDT

Course overview

Raising financially savvy children involves teaching them from budgeting to saving. Besides giving them an understanding of money, the class teaches children about econ and finance that helps them to the real world. This class will teach kids basic concepts of money and finance. Each lesson will cover an interesting topic. From piggy bank to lemonade stand, kid will learn through activities and Shark Tank presentation. 

Welcome to the 21st century lemonade stand.

Viswise Academy makes building a real business fun and easy for kids. Get started now!

  •  The ability of money management and planning. 
  • Establish a correct concept of consumption and money.
  • Better prepared to earn, spend and save money.
  • Establish a business plan.  


Jaimie Rush
Jaimie is a senior director of Extended Learning at a university. She leads and administers all aspects of the Extended Learning department including continuing education and workforce development programs consisting of the design, delivery, staffing, administrative support, supervision and evaluation of the programs. She manages and monitors student enrollment, program review, student learning outcome assessments and all associated reporting. She also provides strategic and tactical leadership for developing and implementing quality extended learning and training certificate programs including content development, promotion, marketing and operational aspects of the department to drive enrollment, revenue and overall department profitability.