10 Financial Hacks with Python

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Course overview
No prior finance or Python skills or experience required. This workshop is an opportunity to learn about finance and Python and combine the two together. Progressively learn financial concepts and basic Python in this fun and useful way.
This course is a great way to learn about Python, finance whether you are new to each or have experience. All of the code reals live real-time data and each lesson is no more than 8-10 lines of Python, making the learning fun, quick and meaningful.
  • Instructor: Jamiel Sheikh
  • Schedule: Saturday, Aug 21st
  • Time: 

Jamiel Sheikh

Jamiel is Founder & CEO of Chainhaus, a digital assets advisory and education company focused on decentralized finance and artificial intelligence. He has over 20 years of experience in technology, capital markets, real estate and management. Prior to Chainhaus, Jamiel worked for organizations like Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Sun Microsystems, SONY and Citigroup. Jamiel is an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, NYU and CUNY teaching graduate-level blockchain, AI and data science subjects.

Jamiel is currently authoring a book on decentralized finance and the author of Amazon 100 bestselling Mastering Corda. He runs the Central Bank Digital Currency Think Tank which consists of central bank, academics and IEIs, and Blockchain NYC largest blockchain and digital assets Meetups in NYC consisting of over 10K+ local members and holds marquee conferences like the DEFiiCON, NFT WORLDS, CBDC Summit and DLT Summit. He is board member of the Society of Women Coders, a group that seeks to help young females in underprivileged societies better engage in technology, a cause he is deeply passionate about, and sits on board of advisors of several startups while also mentoring startups in the IBM / Columbia LAUNCH accelerator program.

Jamiel holds an MBA from Columbia University's Business School and BBA from Baruch College and is completing his second Masters in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jamiel enjoys cooking, coding, reading dry & boring whitepapers, dastardly excessive travel, the elegant nuances of MMA and is an active contributor in several Java, Kotlin, Python and Rust open source projects.
1. Learn the basics of equities trade and use Python to manage an Excel equities trading journal
2. Learn how to generate a timeseries graph of GameStop using Yahoo! data
3. Understanding the fundamentals of debt ratings and use Python and the TradingEconomics API to get sovereign debt ratings
4. Understanding shorting and short ratios by using Python to compare short positions with Tesla vs. GameStop
5. Learn the basics of Bitcoin and use Python to visually chart a price time series with data from Coinbase
6. Use the Messari API to plot a time series for Zcash
7. Understand the basics of options trading, implied volatility and how to chart the "volatility smile" curve for the Zoom stock
8. Evaluate cryptocurrencies like Ripple and Dogecoin by plotting and 30 day rolling volatility line graph and learn about moving averages
9. Understand candlestick charts and simple moving averages and plot a candlestick chart of the Wilshire 5000 index
10. Get an overview of the decentralized finance (DeFi) market using the CoinGecko API to grab and display TLV and market capitalization metrics

Each of the 10 lesson consists of three parts: An explanation of the necessary financial concepts, walk-through the intuition and steps required to build the exercise code and a review of the Python solution