Empower Professional Effectiveness 

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  • Instructor: Marc Naddell, Bindu Garapaty, Kimberly Sauceda, George Mui, Cathy Peng and Selena Yuan
  • Saturday, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 2022
  • 8:00pm-10:30pm (EST), 5:00pm-7:30pm (PST)
  • One-year free VIP speakers (more than six times) lectures, interactive communication, all students form a strong network, gather together for warmth, learn from each other and improve, give full play to their potential, and have a happy working life
In the workplace, challenges and opportunities coexist. Career coaches with successful experience and diverse backgrounds will provide you with systematic training to enhance your skills required to advance to management in various industries and accelerate your career development.
For the first 4 training sessions, an English speaker, Coach, taught for 2 hours, and the chief instructor, Cathy Peng, used Chinese and English to supplement the training for 30 minutes.
The first six training courses (from June 2020 to December 2021) were widely welcomed and highly recognized by the trainees. On the basis of summarizing experience, we launched the seventh phase to serve more people.
Improving your abilities and worth is the most worthwhile investment. After the course, everyone has a common theoretical basis and topics. In the discussions after the class, the students sincerely shared their insights covering the workplace, family, and life. 
— Guiping, NY, School
There are many places for workplace training. Only Mr. Cathy's course can achieve that after the course, everyone continues to discuss, share, work together and grow. It would have been better if I could have joined earlier. But as long as you have an open mind, it's never too late to join.
— Ye, MA, Pharmaceutical industry
Through this course, I met a large group of students who are willing to explore and share the mysteries of the workplace, and learned a lot from it, which is a valuable asset.
— Charlie, GA, IT
Course Introduction and Students Testimonials
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Course Description:

Deliver communications with more professional clarity and power as you pursue increasing effectiveness in leadership roles. Communications are a critical element for all professionals and aspiring leaders, in particular the non-native English speaker. Learn how to plan, develop, manage and deliver your verbal and written communications with more effect, starting with the purposes, audiences and styles needed for today’s work environments.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your professional reputation or groom yourself for climbing the corporate ladder, this class will provide you with a structured approach to refining your communications in meetings, presentations and in writing.

In this session, ROCS Global’s executive consultant, who also learned English as a second language, will share the methods of effectiveness for transforming your professional communications that will serve you every day in delivering more crisp, clear and powerful communications for the professional world.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the key barriers to being understood, and how to address them.
  • Strategizing around messages, word choices and delivery methods
  • Speaking with more effectiveness and active listening skills.
  • Addressing some cross-cultural differences in workplace communications.

Marc Naddell’s Bio:

Marc Naddell is an experienced global executive with deep experience in cross cultural management, having conducted business in over 40 countries. He is a frequent keynote speaker, a professionally trained corporate spokesperson, and an effective executive consultant. Marc has held executive roles for industry leaders based in Asia, Europe and the Americas with leadership responsibilities for global organizations with employees from various cultural backgrounds.

Marc speaks German, French, Spanish, English and conversational Mandarin. He has his master’s from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and has been awarded 20 US patents for technology innovation in network, device and feature automation.

Course Description:

There have been many conversations and theories around how the Asian community can grow beyond the “bamboo or glass ceilings” within the corporate world. There are no step by step formulas for success. However, there are things within your control that will increase your chances of being successful and happy along the way. Whether you are an immigrant or first-generation leader, we can’t ignore the role culture, history and the depth of our own self-awareness, plays in our “corporate identity.” Not to mention our own bias and the bias of others. During this interactive workshop, Bindu Garapaty, will provide a cultural framework that looks at key influences and themes leaders need to navigate and grow within the corporate culture. We will explore the impact of history, the role of power (masculine and feminine) and the challenges experienced among different Asian ethnic groups. Dr. Garapaty will share insights gained from working with executives who continue to break barriers and charter new ways of leading. We will also look at the role ‘community’ plays in supporting individual success.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will have a deeper understanding of :
  • Your personal relationship with power
  • How do perceptions, bias and stereotypes impact your power
  • How Asians are perceived in leadership and shifting the narrative
  • Who is your sponsor?

Bindu Garapaty’s Bio:

As a true believer in the human potential, Bindu Garapaty has found the intersection of happiness, human behavior, and leadership. With a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and an entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Garapaty is the co-founder and CEO of The Happy Leader, LLC. She infuses evidence-based practices and incorporates the importance of race and culture in leadership. As a first generation S. Asian leader, she pulls upon her leadership experience in health care, corporate, academia, for-profit and non-profit organizations, to empower leaders to find their intersection of happiness, meaning, and impact. She currently, leads the global mentoring and coaching program, and serves as an organizational development consultant in talent, development and inclusion at Gilead Sciences.

Since 1999, Dr. Garapaty has been committed to supporting and serving in her community in a variety of non-profit board capacities and her engagement with the Stanford Women in Management MBA program. Currently, she serves on the Emerging Executive Advisory Committee of Watermark, Humans for AI, and the HR symposium. She was the recipient of the ‘Emerging Executive of the Year’ award from Watermark in 2016 and was named as Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 100 women of Influence in 2018.

Course Description:

Managing has never been more complex. You need to manage up to your boss, manage your team and network with your peers. If you do this effectively, you can position yourself to be invaluable and move up in your organization. In this course, you will learn how to create a solid relationship with your boss. We’ll look at how you can make them look amazing and anticipate their next concern. Effectively managing your team and moving them to be rock stars can be a game changer for your career. When they shine and you showcase it, you look even better for your boss. Lastly, it is essential to network with your peers and manage their perception of you. This is even more complicated with remote work.

Learning outcomes:

  • Build and improve relationships.
  • Influence what is said about you when you are not even in the room.
  • Turn peers into advocates.

Kimberly Sauceda’s Bio:

Kimberly Sauceda is a professional development coach, facilitator and marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience. She guides leaders and emerging managers to hone their leadership skills, find their passion and navigate career challenges. She has built high performing, collaborative teams that drove 2x market growth through innovative go-to-market campaigns. She has a proven track record of success introducing exceptional products to new categories, as well as growing market share with current products with brands such as Apple, Nestle, Clorox, Logitech, Philips Hue, and Intuit. She spent several years as media spokesperson at Apple, Looxcie, and Logitech, as well as panelist at various tech and marketing events. 

With this background, Kimberly has delivered several workshops on Networking, How to Brand Yourself for Success, and How to Leverage LinkedIn. As well, she has delivered talks on Imposter Syndrome (belief that you may not deserve your success or that someone may find out that you don’t have the skills to do your position … even though you have been successful.)  

Course Description:

Traditional Career Management techniques and training tend to be very generic and prescribed by mentors, coaches, and training professionals to prepare individuals for the pursue of their career objectives. For Asian Americans and others who immigrated into America, there is another set of hurdles and challenges just to get to the same starting points with native-born Americans. Most of these training does not account for the individual unique desires and aspirations to maximize their potentials. Nor do they offer a strategy to close the deal so the individuals can successfully reach their maximal career potential. In this engaging 2-hour seminar, join an innovative thinker, George Mui for exploring other possibilities on Career management – know how to close the deal and get what you want out of your career. Maximizing your career potential with simple but effective techniques on:

Establishing a baseline of your career objectives.
  • Create a brand that set yourself apart from all others in pursuing a job, leadership job assignment, promotion, and key management position
  • Establishing a network of supporters and collaborators who can support your career objectives.
  • Knowing how to create a deal and closing the deal on your next career objective.

George Mui's BIO:

George Mui, Managing Partner of Global Consultants United is a global strategist. He develops strategies for corporations, small businesses, government agencies and non-government organizations with a keen focus on domestic and international partnerships and collaboration. Leveraging his corporate executive experience, entrepreneurship, and recent experiences with the U.S. Department of Commerce and White House Initiatives for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, George Mui has developed an unique program designed to help Asian Americans to look at Career Management as a business deal and learn how to develop a strategy, prepare, promote, and close the deal to maximize one’s career potential.
彭念霞 Cathy Peng, CEO of ROCS Global, which is an executive consulting firm specialized in talent recruiting and leadership training. Its headquarter is in Silicon Valley, United States.

As a prominent Asian American business leader, she is a frequent invited Asian American business leader at the White House in Washington, DC. Cathy has frequently delivered world class training and seminars at leading institutions, such as University of Chicago, Stanford, Tsinghua University and Beijing University, etc. Having conducted business in over 40 countries, Cathy speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

She has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Tsinghua University Career Coach and Global Executive Coach. Cathy has won global awards, including the Woman of M2M Award in 2014, Business Leader of Color Award in 2013 and Emerging Executive Leader.

Cathy Peng, 从一名工程师到CEO, 从事过供应链管理,销售,市场,品牌管理,从美国大公司,到欧洲公司,到美国高科技创业公司,多次搬家从芝加哥,到北欧芬兰,到纽约,圣地亚哥,硅谷,先后在四十多个国家发展业务,Cathy 有非同寻常的职业生涯。

Cathy Peng现任ROCS Global CEO,ROCS Global 公司总部位于美国硅谷,专业从事全球人才招聘服务、企业及高端人才领导力培训、高管教练服务。公司服务覆盖美国、中国、欧洲、印度、日本、中国台湾等地区。

Cathy作为杰出的美籍华人商业领袖, 多次被白宫邀请作为亚裔代表参加商务高峰会议。受邀出任大型国际会议及多所世界名校演讲者。她是清华大学职场导师, 全球高管教练。Cathy曾获得全球物联网杰出女性奖,有色族裔商务领袖奖,全球百名新兴领袖奖等荣誉。
袁博士专业领域包括高层管理人员评估, 管理人员和高潜力人才发展,续任计划,高管教练,企业多样性和包容性,和企业文化方面的管理。
她主导设计并推广了很多管理人员的发展项目, 涵盖了变更管理, 成长型思维,高效团队的建立和领导,扩大影响力,应对冲突, 和建立领导力企业文化等主题。
她还带领过很多高绩效企业和人才管理的全球项目。在她做职业咨询期间里,曾和多个财富500企业合作,其中贯穿了制药,医疗,金融,零售,财会,高科技和制造行业。 在进行高级管理人员个人教练方面, 她主要集中通过深度心理测量来提高个人认知,探讨领导力的深层含义。她设计的人才发展的历程非常注重从自身的了解开始,通过实践来达到心里成熟度的成长和领导力行为的变化。
袁博士还持有人力资源投资回报率评估证书,她领导的投资回报率研究曾获得2013年国家最创新投资回报设计奖。 这个研究发表在美国人力资源管理协会出版的书里: Measuring ROI in Learning, Organizational Development and Change.
袁博士曾在睿仕管理 ( Right Management ),万事达 (Visa),和光辉国际(Korn Ferry) 就职,目前在吉利得科学负责全球人才管理的战略和执行。 在学术方面,袁博士做过多个关于职业规划,员工敬业度,外在动力和内在动力方面的研究,并在美国管理协会做过这些学术话题的演讲.

组织行文和人力资源管理博士,伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校 商务教育硕士,宾州印第安纳大学 英语文学学士,北京航空航天大学

•Graduate College Provost Award (2003)
•Ruth and Elmer Burack Ph.D. Fellowship Award for Outstanding Academic Performance (2004, 2005)
•Liautaud Fellowship for Outstanding Academic Performance at UIC (2006)

•Team Player Excellence Award (2013, Takeda)
•Service Excellence Award (2014, Takeda)
•Most Innovative Approach to ROI for the 2013 Award of Excellence (2013, ROI Institute)
•Drive Business Objectives Award (2015, Korn Ferry)