Creative Writing

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Course overview

Begin your journey today and explore your own writerly voice by reflecting upon personal inspiration, observation, and criticism. Students will study various art forms, including film, short stories, photography, poetry and podcast, in the creation of their own works. Students will hone the power of their language and craft narratives that bring their worlds to life. Sessions include the study of published writing, reading creative works aloud, and meaningful peer engagement. Personal feedback from the professor will be provided on the student's writing throughout the course. Students will also gain exposure to creative essay prompts for competitive high school, college or summer program applications. Top student writing will be curated into an ebook for publication.

  • Instructor: Pape
  • Grade: G3 - 6
  • Schedule:
    Sept 16th - Nov 18th, Friday
  • Time:
    7:30-9:00pm (EST)
    4:30-6:00pm (PST)


-Mr. Pape recently retired from a Liberal Arts college where he taught, coached and won the Pi Kappa Delta national debate championship in four of the last five years.  
-As a former NSDA executive and expert, Mr. Pape has conducted writing, speech, debate and communication workshops for K12 and college students for over 25 years.  
-He is the curriculum coordinator for the Harvard Debate Summer Workshops in public speaking and debate. Some of the students coached by him have won top national awards in the US and China.

                Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key characteristics of narrative structure and approach.
  • Author short prose, poetry, and screenplays.
  • Embrace reading aloud and accept criticism of their works.
  • Practice criticism of their own and others' written work.