Advanced Congress Debate

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  • Instructor: Mr. Pape
  • Schedule: 
    Congress advanced debate
    April 1st - Jun 24th
    No class on April 22nd, 29th, May 6th
    7:00PM -  8:30PM (PST)
  • Sections: 10, 1 Class/Weeks, 10 Weeks
Course Introduction 
The advance congressional debate course is a private team training course for tournament.

Emerging as a critical skill for the top students of tomorrow

  • Focus on congress debate.
  • Research multiple topic areas and approaches for academic debate
  • Put into practice common pro and con strategies for debate.
Congressional Debate is a mock legislative assembly competition where students draft bills (proposed laws) and resolutions (position statements), which they and their peers later debate and vote to pass into law and then take action on by voting for or against the legislation. While coaches aren’t always required to submit legislation to tournaments, it gives their students the right to an authorship speech, introducing the bill or resolution to the chamber. In advance of the tournament, a docket of submitted titles or full legislative text is distributed to participating schools, so students may research and prepare themselves for the debate. Many tournaments allow students to caucus in committee(s) to determine the agenda, wherein they strive to select topics that will yield even and engaging debate, as well as balancing authorship privileges among the schools participating in the chamber.
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Mr. Pape

Mr. Pape recently retired from a Liberal Arts college where he taught, coached and won the Pi Kappa Delta national debate championship in four of the last five years.  
As a former NSDA executive and expert, Mr. Pape has conducted writing, speech, debate and communication workshops for K12 and college students for over 25 years.  
He is the curriculum coordinator for the Harvard Debate Summer Workshops in public speaking and debate. Some of the students coached by him have won top national awards in the US and China.