“Abundant Creators” Coaching Bootcamp (Second Term)

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Course overview
Are you frustrated of being far behind your dreamed life?
Do you desire to transform yourself and succeed in both your life and a passionate business?
Are you hungry to create something in which you could enjoy creativity, time and financial freedom, explore your best talents and potential, and contribute great values to the world?
It’s time to embrace your abundance as a born creator in the new era!
If you want to build your profitable and impactful online business as a confident expert and thought leader in your field, if you want to impact other people’s lives and leave a great legacy in this world, “Abundant Creators” Coaching Bootcamp is right for you, to turn your dream into reality! 
  • Instructor: Spring Zheng
  • Schedule: Tue, Sep 28th - Dec 7th (No class on Nov 23th)
  • Time: 8pm - 10pm (EDT)

Spring Zheng

Spring Yan Zheng, EMBA
Abundance Thought Leadership Coach
Founder of Spring Magic Life Society, Inc.
#1 Amazon Best Selling Author of "Abundance Train"
Award Winning Transformational Speaker featured at Harvard Clubs and Nasdaq

Abundance Thought Leadership Coach Spring Yan Zheng is called to empower visionary entrepreneurs and life changers from teenagers, youths to adults. She helps them unleash their purpose and passion, and stand out as confident experts and leaders in their ideal niche with their unique talents and gifts. Spring loves to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into prosperity, so that they can create abundant lifestyle and business, and positively impact more lives.

As the Founder of Spring Magic Life Society, Inc., Spring leads and inspires a fast growing community of abundant entrepreneurs. Whether she is working one on one with clients or in intimate live or virtual groups, one thing is certain. She will help you uplift and clarify your vision, claim your purposeful and profitable niche, stand up with your magnetic expert presence, and build an abundant leadership with confidence that attract your ideal clients like magic. Spring is on a mission to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into prosperity and transform more lives by creating abundance for all worldwide.

Spring holds an Executive MBA from Rutgers University and Professional Coaching Certificate from New York University. She has more than 24 years professional experience including performance management with Fortune 100 company and 12 years of abundance coaching.

                Learning Outcomes

  • Unleash Your Purpose, Passion and Vision
  • Shift In Your Abundance Mindset
  • Develop Your Success Habits with 30-Day Challenges
  • Discover Your Ideal Niche
  • Clarify Your Purposeful and Profitable Niche Message
  • Craft Your Core Solution
  • Design Your Irresistible Offer
  • Define Your Business Plan, Turn Your Fears into Confidence
  • Develop Your Launch Plan and 90-Day Roadmap
  • Activate Your Passion and Launch Your Business
We also have exclusive Facebook Community (in English) and WeChat Group (in both English and Chinese) to continuously support our Abundant Creators on discussion, research, connection, resource, design, launch, market practice and further growth in their mindset, communication, entrepreneurship and leadership.
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