A Beginners Guide to Technical Analysis

In this course, you will study a broad spectrum of technical analysis (TA) topics including the advantages of TA versus fundamental analysis, how to define the trend, bullish and bearish chart patterns, basic technical indicators and how to use them, why is market breadth so important, and how to monitor market sentiment.
Date:September 18th - November 6th, Sunday
Time:7:30 - 8:30 PM(EST), 4:30-5:30PM(PST)
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Live Course

8 hours in total

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1 Certificates

Learning Outcome

  • The most important aspect of trading and investing.
  • Learn to trade with the trend, and not against it.
  • Why relative strength is so important.
  • Discover short and long-term buy and sell signals.
  • Take emotions out of your investment decisions.
  • Learn to use fear and greed to your investing advantage.
  • Why is the reaction to news more important than the news.


  • 26 year Wall Street career with Standard & Poor’s Equity Research – Chief Technical Strategist
  • Responsible for intermediate to long-term stock market calls, as well as treasuries, commodities, currencies, and global markets. Performed sector analysis, asset allocation, and “Chart Room” videos. Also aided fundamental analysts with technicals on their individual coverage.
  • Traditional chartist with a broad understanding of technical analysis including: Chart reading, momentum analysis, market internal analysis, in-depth use of market sentiment, sector analysis, key intermarket relationships, and Elliott Wave practitioner.
  • Shortlisted as one of the best technicians at an independent equity research firm by The Technical Analyst U.K. in 2013 for his work in 2012.
  • Former Chairperson of the Admissions Committee for the Market Technicians Association (MTA).