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Teach Finance for Impact

Viswise Academy cooperate with Youth Entrepreneurship and Finance Association.
Seeking equity-oriented leaders who believe in helping all students reach their potential and make IMPACT

YEFA Global Investment Challenge

The YEFA Global Investment Challenge (YGICTM) is a free, online investment simulation for Grade 7th to 12th and teachers. Students work in teams, guided by a teacher as their advisor.
YGICTM aims to cultivate students' interest in investment and finance, help students deepen their understanding of various industry fields, and together, they learn about teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Viswise Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profits educational organization. (EIN: 85-2331341)

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Financial Intelligence

Financial intelligence is a person’s ability to understand and manage money. The Youth Financial Intelligence series consists of five courses, which are aimed at different ages. They introduce economic, financial, and investment concepts to students, help them establish correct values, and train them to develop financial habits, investment patterns, and effectively control their own wealth.

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The Youth Investment series is a sequence of finance and investment courses developed by Viswise Academy for middle and high school students. This series is divided into 5 levels, and is taught by experienced Wall Street fund managers. Both theories and practical knowledge of finance and investment will be introduced. It aims to help students better understand how capital market and stock markets operate; learn the stock analysis method used by Wall Street fund managers; master the basic knowledge of quantitative analysis.

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Youth Public
& Debate

The Youth Public & Debate series is intended to enable children to express themselves creatively, confidently and coherently. Through our well-researched and unique curriculum, we have developed interactive and engaging activities to improve students’ communication skills holistically. We aim to set students up for success not just in the present, but for the jobs of the future.

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In the Youth Writing series, students will hone the power of their language and craft narratives that bring their worlds to life. Sessions include the study of published writing, reading creative works aloud, and meaningful peer engagement. 

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Youth Leadership & Entrepreneur

The Youth Leadership & Entrepreneur series will help students develop and strengthen their creative potential and learn the core techniques of design thinking while having fun working in teams on real-world issues in real-world ways.

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Learn Finance, Entrepreneurship, Debate, Innovation, Technology, and Leadership via real-world projects

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