The Path From Survive To Thrive

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  • Instructor: Ivy Liu
  • Schedule: Every Monday, May 24th - June 28th
  • Time: 9:00pm - 10:30pm (EST) 
  • One Free 1vs1 Coaching Included (Value of $200)  
Course overview
The course dives into the five critical parts of self coaching tool and concept to gain new insights, solve problems and produce new results in your personal and professional life. 
The real case will be discussed/coached in the group. All discussion and coaching conform to confidentiality, respect, honesty and non-judgment. 
The course includes 6 sessions, 1.5 hours per session, including teaching, Q&A and coaching within the time frame.

Ivy Liu

Ivy Qunyan Liu is a certified professional coach, dedicated to providing coaching services for experts and leaders in the corporate world so that people can connect with a better self. Ivy holds a master's degree in advanced management from the Yale University School of Management and an MBA from the National University of Singapore. While studying at Yale, her coach boldly helped her change her career path and entered a new career field with confidence. She also has 15 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, dedicated to assisting clients to unleash their strength and build confidence from within. Before becoming a coach, she was a senior manager of a top telecommunications company in China, and founded and served as the CEO of an educational technology start-up company in Singapore. She is now the president of UAC Heroes, a non-profit organization whose mission is to unite across cultures.

                Learning Outcomes

  • Understand yourself better and enhance self awareness
  • Unpack the invisible bottleneck- thought error
  • Master a proven tool to break through and build the new muscle
  • Expand your emotional intelligent and navigate difficult emotions
  • Boost self-confidence and step out to play big
  • Increase intangible power and presence in personal and professional life
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