Global Youth Leadership Mentorship Program

  • Instructor: Don Sun/Brian Parvizshahi
  • Schedule: July 6th - July 10th, 5 session online zoom classes
  • Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm (EST) / 4:00 - 5:30 (PST)
  • Requirement: Grade 6 and above, class taught in English

This class has three main goals:
  • To inspire the young generation to engage in community activities
  • To teach marketing skills and campaign strategies
  • To encourage Asian Americans to speak up for themselves


◆ Students can join half year or one year Political Leadership Internship Program led by Don Sun.
◆ Attend monthly local city council meetings online, and write a report after each meeting.
◆ Final research paper, topics vary based on the current Asian American affairs.
◆ Participate in the preparation of weekly AAF podcast background research.
◆ Program certificate issued by Chinese American youth community leadership Institute (CAYCLI).
◆ An overview report by Don Sun at the end of each program, which can be used as as a recommendation letter.
◆ Every year, we refer the top 2 students for government internship opportunities.
Online Classes : $599

Internship (half year) : $2500
(include online classes and replay)


Don Sun: API Director for Andrew Yang at Yang2020, Campaign Fund Development, Former President of Cupertino Historical Society, and Chairperson of Cupertino Planning Commissioner.
Education: Peninsula law school , University of Pennsylvania in Reginal Science, Renmin University.
Brian Parvizshahi: Campaign manager for Ro Khanna, volunteer for Obama. Corporate communication manager for many firms.
Education: California State University, Fullerton.
Katie Simpson: Co-author of Asian American Forward Podcast with Don Sun.
Henry Finn Kim: Full-stack marketer and content expert. Designed branding and content marketing compaigns for  large fortune 500 companies globally, including Facebook, Google and Samsung
Eliza Orlins : a Manhattan public defender and outspoken advocate for our city's most vulnerable. For more than a decade, she has represented over 3,000 New Yorkers who otherwise would not have been able to afford a lawyer. During this time, Eliza has developed a reputation as a relentless champion for the underdog.Education: Fordham University School of Law.
A Special guest speaker will come to join us in one of class. She is a leader, innovator, and change-maker with a successful track record of tackling tough problems through effective teamwork. She draws on extensive experience as a U.S. diplomat, including work at theWhite House and highest levels of the State Department, in her current work to advance solutions to challenges we face in our communities at home.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to choose leaders/mentors in your life.
  • how to start your political business as career.
  • How to run your own podcast and build your influence in society when you are young.  
  • How police/criminal system works in US and how to be a public defender and advocator.
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