Webinar-Career Breakthrough with Energy Leadership 

July 21st, 9:00PM (EDT)

Webinar Topic

- 新工作找到了,兴奋的同时要怎么智慧地离开呢

- 如何顺利离职交接扩展人脉

- 两位职场高管➕教练无私分享她们的升职换工的经历

  • Instructor: Hope Yin, Joy Zhao
  • Time: July 21st, 9:00pm EDT, 6:00pm PDT
  • No video recording and replay
  • No refund
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Hope Yin

Hope Yin, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, C.ORE Specialist
Executive/Leadership/Career Coach
Fortune 25 Technology Executive
Entrepreneur | Influencer

Hope Yin
is an exceptional Executive/Leadership/Career Coach certified by International Coaching Federation and iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Hopes passion is to make a positive difference in the world. She is devoted to influencing and supporting people on their journey of continued success. She has coached/mentored hundreds of people.

Hope is a VP and Head of Global Talent and Learning Technology at a Fortune 25 company. She manages a multi-million-dollar technology portfolio. Starting as a developer, Hope has held multiple technical leadership roles in her 20+ years of experience in Software Engineering. She is an expert engineer, certified IT leader and transformational leader. Her team members rate her as the best leader they have ever worked with. Hope is a sought-after speaker, mentor, and coach both internally and externally.

Once a single mother raising two young children while having a demanding career, Hope understands the unique struggles and challenges women face. She is passionate to support other women as they become confident and recognized leaders, while at the same time living a happy and fulfilled life. She helps her clients remove the blockers to their success. Hope is a regular LinkedIn contributor that influences thousands of readers.

Hope holds an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, an M.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering and an M.S. in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering.

Hope is an active community leader and volunteer in multiple non-profit organizations. Her life p
hilosophy is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

In her spare time, Hope loves reading, hiking, running, paddle boarding, skiing, biking, yoga, and meditation. She lives in Dublin, Ohio with her Husband Jon, two high schoolers, Faith and Luca, and their dog Chewie. They also have two adult daughters Hannah and Alice.

Joy Zhao

Joy Zhao, PhD, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, C.ORE Specialist

Corporate Career Coach
Self-Empowerment Strategist
2 X Fortune 100 Executive
Thick-Skin Theorist

Joy Zhao is a Corporate Career Coach, Business Executive, and Self-Empowerment Strategist who guides aspiring business professionals in maximizing potential, rising the corporate ladder, and achieving career goals with confidence and courage. With 15+ yearsexperience in leadership roles for big brands and high-tech companies, including two in the Fortune 100, Joy has mentored 100+ professionals in optimizing their business performance and charting a positive path forward. Now, as a certified coach, she helps clients navigate successful careers using her signature methodology that includes her Thick-Skin Theoryand Courage Formula.She is able to quickly identify what holds them back and then liberates them with a mastery of skillsets in everything from improving interpersonal communication and leadership influence, to overcoming corporate adversity and imposter syndrome, to organizing life and avoiding burnout. Her expertise: strengths-based development, 360-degree corporate relationship building, and mastery of positive self-talk.


Joys own career story evolved through overcoming challenges as a 28-year-old Chinese immigrant and inexperienced female professional seeking to achieve success in a country where she could not speak English. She started teaching herself the language, and one serendipitous conversation in a hallway led to her first job. In the early years of her career, Joy hustled to rise the ranks while sacrificing a lot as she continually moved to support her spouse in his job role. Asking just about everybody to help her perfect her communications skills, she learned the power behind communication and relationships. Her career journey—full of opportunities, challenges, and adventures—taught her the trifecta of confidence, perseverance and resilience, which would inevitably shape her Courage Formulathat she now teaches clients. Often as the only minority woman in executive groups, Joy developed a thick skin, adept at thriving through constant feedback and change. Her Thick-Skin Theoryis foundational to her coaching program, empowering all types of professionals—from first generation immigrants, to minority women, to entry- and mid-level workers—in harnessing energy in ways that quickly advance their careers.


While working a corporate job and mentoring so many professionals, Joy discovered her calling to help people pursue their life purpose. As a personal adventure (and a 44-year-birthday gift to herself!), Joy founded a career & leadership development company, Finding Joy Coaching.She builds creative empowerment solutions for clients, inspiring them to tune into their superpower and use it for greatness. During a year of pandemic, she has spoken to more than 1,000 people through complimentary webinars, panel discussions, and coaching sessions to help them manage stress and advance their career through energy leadership techniques.


Joy holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Statistics, and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) license, with additional completed courses in self-development, executive presence and leadership. When her mind isnt busy with helping people plot career success, it just might be taking a break on the coastal beaches. In fact, Joy would tell you she has napped on some of the most beautiful beaches, with Florida and Mexico as her current favoritesand Hawaii on the horizon.