About us

We Bring WallStreet into the Classroom
The vision of VisWise Global is to provide high quality, practical, and affordable finance and investment training for all ages, to benefit individuals, families, and communities. Our mission is to bring the wall street dreamer closer to their finishing line from industry leaders and professionals. We also provide members and other minority communities with Wall Street needed finance career training, job internships, vocational training, and coaching services. The uniqueness of VisWise Global lies in our tailored curriculum design.

We develop classes and content based on members' requests, combining financial theory and practical hands-on investment experiences. We designed various boot camps and short series lessons for students in different age groups intending to speed up their learning experience and achieve their goals. 

Our young scholar's programs are fun, challenging, and a good supplement for the school curriculum. Our adult curriculum is taught online or in person, brings Wall Street professionals, and sparks meaningful and life changing conversations. Join our class to open doors in our learning platform and growing communities and unlock endless possibilities. Our class can be accessed from anywhere anytime online. We hold your hands every step of the way, walking you to the abounding fullness of joy and success.
VisWise Global was originated from the Chinese Coffee Club, a community based group, registered 501(3)© nonprofit in New York. The club was founded by Angelene Huang, a seasoned wall street professional and an active member of the Chinese American community.

Chinese Coffee Club aims to provide various conferences and activities to collaborate knowledge and resource sharing, develop individual and professional growth, and build a healthy and warm-hearted network system for professionals and members. We have social responsibility at our hearts, and we will work with all other nonprofit organizations, encourage social responsibilities, and enhance the Chinese community's strength and connections. Currently, all events at the Chinese Coffee Club are free to all members and the public. There is no membership fee to access the events, organized with tremendous work.
During the recent Covid-19 pandemics, Chinese Coffee Club launched American Chinese United Care (ACUC) Alliance to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and aid the healthcare workers in the greater New York area. The alliance of 159 Chinese companies, nonprofits, university alumni associations, and many Chinese community associations collectively donated near $6 million PPEs and cash to local hospitals and communities. ACUC's donation effort created a substantial positive impact on Chinese Americans community, and its result has been recorded and praised on various media channels. During the pandemic, Chinese Coffee Club launched "Friday Night Coffee Talk" to cater the current needs of people, sharing high quality content from industry leaders and professionals and shared among communities for free. Later on, the club launched another free talk – "Sunday Night Investment Talk." These free talks are free to public and benefit people from China, Europe, and U.S.

With the growing demand for financial training and career training within the Chinese Coffee Club social community, Angelene and her team formed VisWise Global LLC, a life long learning platform for experience and skill sharing, finance and investment training, and various internship opportunities. These two brands team up together to differentiate different levels of members with different value-added services. Both organizations aim to build a collaborative ecosystem to promote knowledge sharing and career development among communities.